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Grand Parade Application

Edison Grand Parade Applications are CLOSED

Click here to download the Indemnification form.


Edison Grand Parade Rules

  1. All entries must provide family-oriented entertainment consistent with this celebration in honor of Thomas Edison.
  2. NO ALCOHOL is allowed in the parade. Bottled water or canned soft drinks are acceptable.
  3. The Parade Marshals have the right to inspect all units prior to and during the Parade. All entries are required to comply with parade marshal or police officer instruction at all times.
  4. All vehicle entries must be covered by liability insurance to the satisfaction of the Parade Committee. Proof of insurance must be provided with the application.
  5. Motor vehicle entries will be limited to 10 vehicles per entry. The Parade Chairman may waive this limitation.
  6. Parade applicants shall provide on-site contact information for each person responsible for the entry.
  7. All entrants may be subject to City & County Fire and Safety inspections and code enforcement and additional fees as necessary.
  8. The use of drones is prohibited in the vicinity of the parade. The parade route is a “no drone zone”.
  9. Parade units violating any of these rules may, at the discretion of the Edison Festival staff, may. be disqualified from awards and denied entry in future parades.
  10. Acts of God and Government:  Both Parade Entrants and Edison Festival of Light, Inc. recognize that Acts of God (including weather & pandemics) and Acts of Third Parties (including the City of Fort Myers/Police and Fire Departments, State of Florida and U.S. Government, including but not limited to their security branches) are beyond the control these parties. To the extent that actions by third parties beyond the control these parties
    (including but not limited to Acts of God/weather & pandemics or Government or terrorist acts) preclude or limit the operation of the Parade, or its participants, neither party will hold the other responsible for said actions. Both parties agree to abide by the regulations and requirements of the City of Fort Myers. If the Parade is cancelled due to an act of God/weather & pandemics or Third Parties that are beyond the control of the parties, Parade Entrants will be not be entitled to a refund of their previously paid parade entrant fee.
  11. The Parade Committee reserves the right to exclude from participation, any entry which it considers to be advocating or promoting a particular purpose, principle, political gain, agenda, or message inconsistent with or contrary to those of the Parade.

1. All participants must enter staging area through their pre-assigned entrances. This information will be emailed
to you. Check in as directed. All participants must be aware of their group unit number and staging location.
2. Only vehicles that are registered as being used in the Parade will be allowed in the staging area.
3. Any and all materials that will be used on your entry must be inside or on the vehicle when it enters the staging
4. Participants shall clean up any materials or debris left in the staging area by your unit(s). This applies
particularly (but not exclusively) to units with animals.

 Section 3: Parade Rules

  1. 1. Bands may perform for 45 seconds in front of the reviewing stand. Marshals instructions to resume movement must be promptly followed.  All units must keep pace with the unit ahead of them.  Please close any gaps when prompted. Any unit that does not comply will be escorted off the parade route.
  2. Children under the age of 5 may ride but are not allowed to march in the parade.
  3. Parade units must continue moving until you have returned to the disband area No stopping or unloading will be allowed prior to that, since this will cause congestion and delays in the parade. You will not be able to return to the staging areas.
  4. Items such as candy may be handed to children by persons walking along the sides of the parade unit. Please use caution in the interest of safety for the viewing audience.
  5. No throwing of items is allowed.
  6. Drivers of motor vehicles must remain with the vehicle at all times.

    According to Florida Department of Transportation guidelines, the following are the maximum dimensions allowed for floats entered in the Edison Grand Parade of Light.  

    Maximum Length of a single semi-trailer is 57’4”
    Maximum Height is 13’ 6”
    Maximum Width is 102”

DISTRIBUTION OF FLYERS, PAMPHLETS, CANDY, ETC. WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!!! For the safety of all parade participants and for the safety of spectators, distribution of ANY items from the floats with your entry is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to receiving a littering citation, and/or immediate removal from the parade route.

WALKERS: WALKERS are NOT allowed in the parade, except for a marching band and/or drill team.

MUSIC &  DECOR: ONLY family-friendly music and decor is permitted. NO PROFANE, VIOLENT OR SUGGESTIVE MUSIC OR DECOR will be permitted on any float or tow vehicle. Violators will be removed from the parade route immediately. Please be considerate of others!

FIRE EXTINGUISHER: Each entry must carry a fire extinguisher within the reach of the driver and it must be TYPE 2A: 10BC 5 Pound “All Purpose”. All entries must be flame retardant either by the material used.

The parade route is a “No Drone Zones” and aircraft is subject to being impounded unless
approved by the Edison Festival of Light or the Fort Myers Police Dept.

Edison Grand Parade price schedule

Commercial – $500
Commercial business with 25 or more employees.
Small Business – $275
Small business with fewer than 25 employees.
Non-Profit Commercial – $400
Non-profit unit that is sponsored by or partnered with a for profit business.
Non-Profit – $100
Non-profit organization.
Family – $75
Family built float or unit with no advertising.

Upload Your Insurance Documents

All entries should have insurance in order to protect themselves from any possible litigation to your organization from parade spectators, in case of an accident. Insurance coverage of at least $1 million general liability. The organization must list the Edison Festival of Light and the City of Fort Myers as additional insured.